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Happy Wheels is an adventure game where the player controls characters with their goal to reach to the final point. Happy Wheels is an entertaining action game that has you playing through a plethora of different levels with over an inadequately prepared racer. Happy Wheels Full game could be called an animated racing game with full of difficulties.


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How to Play Happy Wheels Game - Instruction

Happy Wheels is a best online two wheelers online racing game than other racing vehicle games. This game is developed by flash and it's purely bloody physics-based vehicle game. You can select your character and vehicle to play according to your wish. You can find four characters in happy wheels game in. In this cool adventurous game you have to run your vehicle and character to win or complete the level. If you face a lot of problems while you are on your way to the finish the level, you must watch the walkthrough how to complete the level. Select your racer and play carefully to not crash yourself until you finish the race. Now Happy Wheels 2 is becoming a huge online searched game. You require a good skill and patience to finish all these complex levels. Press Control: Z = Eject, Shift & Control = Secondary Actions, SPACE = Primary Action.
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Types of Happy Wheels Game Characters

The Happy Wheels has only 4 characters as mentioned below:

1. Wheelchair Uncle:

It is the first character in the game. He looks like poor outfit with stitched clothes white mustache. He is not very young and looks like unclean. He has sit in a wheelchair which has a super jet technology added in this two wheelers vehicle. By pressing SPACEBAR the jet is being fired which increases the level of the speed.

2. Segway Guy:

The Segway Guy borrows different features from among the three characters. You can find it has a silver segway with a spring activator. It jumps up when you require by pressing the SPACEBAR. He looks like very young person.

3. Irresponsible Dad:

It is the third number character of the game. The name of the character defines that he carries his child on a ride on his bicycle throughout the game. This game is a high risk for his child to die during the game. Even if his child dies, the Irresponsible Dad will still continue race to complete the level. 4. Effective Shopper: It's the 4th Successful Shopper female character in Happy Wheels game. She drives a bicycle and carries away groceries and other items. She is being a fat lady having great control over her vehicle. Try to run the game and don't let your lady character fail down or incomplete the level.
Happy Wheels is an arcade game with a dark humorous twist. It is most likely game that you love to play very much and will try again and again. Select your character and start playing your favorite Happy Wheels Full Game. There are many difficult tracks have to complete in each level and I am sure you will have lots of fun. Some levels are really hard to pass but you need to try again and again to get success of each level. Instruction is very simple. You have to control the character you're playing with various keys on your keyboard. If you want to play this game with your suitable keys in your keyboard, there is a option to change them in your preferences. The aim of Happy Wheels full game is to get your character completing each level and reaching his destination as quickly as possible without any trouble.
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